• Student Debt Advice from Your Advisors

    GL Advisor is a financial advisory firm that provides services to physicians, dentists, veterinarians, attorneys, and other professionals, who seek expert advice and support to ensure effective management of their student loan debt.

    GL Advisor helps clients lower the cost of their debt, obtain payment relief as needed, and save time so they can focus on their career.

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  • What to Expect from GL Advisor

    GL Advisor clients receive:

    Support from Your Personal Advisor
    A Personalized Financial Plan
    Form and Document Management
    Real-time Monitoring of Your Loans
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  • Our Philosophy

    Our goal is to improve our clients’ financial net worth by taking into consideration both their assets and liabilities when creating a financial plan. This approach is especially critical for young professionals who are navigating the nuances of student debt.

    Our financial advisors help clients determine the optimal use of extra money, whether it is best directed toward savings, investments or paying down debt.

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How Our Advisors Help Graduates with Student Loan Debt

Due to the rising cost of post-secondary education, a majority of professional graduate students tend to accumulate a significant amount in debt to fund their education. GL Advisor works with thousands of young professionals to provide insight and analysis to ensure they make the best decisions regarding the repayment of their debt.

Additionally, widespread misinformation and lack of awareness of available repayment options can lead many recent professional graduates to make costly mistakes in the management of their student loan debt following graduation. Our team of financial advisors works with recent graduates to identify potential saving opportunities and implement student loan repayment strategies as part of a comprehensive financial plan.

Our clients are primarily professionals from the following schools:

Meet Our Affiliates

GL Advisor works with student and professional organizations to educate graduate students and young professionals on best practices for managing their student loan debt and improving their overall financial net worth.

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Sign Up for a Free Consultation and Assessment of Your Student Debt ​

GL Advisor offers FREE personalized assessments to those interested in learning how to lower the cost of their student loan debt.

Assessments will be based on your personal loan data and profile and will include:

  • A snapshot of your student loan history
  • Recommendations on repayment strategies for your loan portfolio
  • Scenario-based estimates of potential monthly payments, savings and loan forgiveness

After you receive your assessment, you may schedule a complimentary one-on-one consultation with an analyst to review your assessment in detail and discuss other financial matters.